"My partner echoes all my moves in perfect harmony,

  A silent conversation for everyone to see..."

In addition to being a consummate ballroom dancer and musician, Helmut Licht is also a poet and an abstract artist.  The two lines in quotations above are extracted from his wonderful poem "Dancing!".  A Shakespeare sonnet couldn't say it better - in just 18 lines Helmut's poem captures the spirit of ballroom dancing.  To commemorate Helmut's debut in the Spanish Ballroom, Ballroom Time is making available a limited commemorative edition of "Dancing!", embossed with our logo, signed by Helmut, framed and ready to display. 

Suggested donation is $50 for the poem or $100 for a signed limited-edition commemorative copy.  Both versions come printed on special paper, framed and ready to display. 

Proceeds go to our campaign to Bring Helmut's Big Band to the Ballroom in 2024!

The signed commemorative edition of the poem will become a collector's item... and could make the perfect gift for that special dancer in your life.

Please send us an email at info@ballroomtime.org to reserve your copy today.